Mission’s Study and Dinner- Dec 1st – 5pm

Come join for a night of eating new food and learning about how the Lord is working amongst Rohingya people, even in the midst of the most serious persecution.

Men’s Conference – November 22-23

Before asking, who am I? we need to be able to answer, who is God? If we can’t answer the first question, we will never answer the second. The problem with our search for identity is that we are looking in all the wrong places. Scripture teaches that we are all made in the image of God. We do not define ourselves- the Creator does. We were all created to be known and loved by God. Once those answers are clear, we can move forward and discover all God has called us to be.

Free Christian Media Resource RIGHT NOW MEDIA

Church family,

We are encouraging you all to study through 1st Peter with your whole family this summer, using these free studies available on RightNow Media. If you have not signed up for RightNow Media yet, click the button above to create an account for free! You’ll get instant access to these studies and over 20,000 other Christian video resources for your whole family.